Elm Class Home-Learning

Handwriting session 1 practice

A quick recap of our cursive handwriting strategies.

New Year Resolutions

A short burst writing activity (talk4write)

Hello Elm bubble

A quick hello from Mrs Coopey to explain the guidace on planning

Column subtraction

This video is all about column subtraction and covers all the methods up to Year 4. Blue group just do exchange into the tens column. Yellow Group just exchange to the tens and hundreds column. Year 4 you can recap and do all columns and cross zero.

Smile multiplication and long multiplication

Year 3's please watch and recap on how to do the smile multiplication. Year 4 you can start with the smile multiplication and move onto the long method like we did last year.

Column addition

This video is column addition and you can watch and recap how to do this and it will help you with you addition booklet.

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